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Total Seed Production Employees Define Core Values for Company

Total Seed Production Employees Define Core Values for Company08/24/2018

Tipton, IN- Total Seed Production, Inc. (TSP) employees played a critical role in the establishment of their core values, which were officially launched last week. Defining these core values was a first for the company, whose intent is to strengthen their already successful work culture. With employee input and many sessions of edits and changes, TSP was able to find out what was important to their employees and implement this new directive.

“We identified Total Seed Production’s core values to unify our efforts and acknowledge what is important to all of us. These 5 words not only embody our values, but they also represent what actions we want to see in all of our employees and convey to our business partnerships” said Aaron Conaway, TSP President. TSP plans to utilize the core values for branding efforts and making them key components of employees’ day-to-day work roles.

The Total Seed Production 5 core values are:
TEAMWORK- Supporting and respecting one another while working towards common goals.
SEEDSMANSHIP- Quality, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency in every aspect of our production.
SERVICE- Going above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs.
DEDICATION- Ongoing commitment to delivering quality products and services over 4 generations.
GROWTH- Developing our employees and business by cultivating an environment that nurtures continuous improvement.