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Total Seed Production Grows Once Again

Total Seed Production Grows Once Again08/07/2019

Tipton, IN- Total Seed Production, Inc. (TSP) now has approximately 150,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space after adding yet another addition. Since 2011, the increase TSP has seen in their production business has prompted them to add 87,360 sq. ft. of “high sidewall” warehouse space, which in comparison is around 2 acres. “We thought we had more space than we knew what to do with,” stated Ryan Campbell, TSP vice president. “I have always enjoyed expanding our facility to better serve our customers’ needs and improving the working environment of our team.” Expanding is just what TSP has been doing, as they are serving more customers each year with over 1.2 million units being produced and distributed annually.

“One of the 4 pillars of our operation is warehouse & distribution and it continues to grow at fast rate. In order to keep up with our customer demands, we continue to invest into our facility by adding more jobs and square feet under our roof. This is yet another example of how we work hard each day to service our customers’ needs, not only today but for the future, “says Aaron Conaway, TSP president. The 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse space allows TSP to continue providing customization and flexibility to their customers, such as the included 11,520 sq. ft. of climate-controlled warehousing. TSP is pleased with their new space and will continue to be innovative and accommodating in their business approach now and in the future.

TSP contracted with the following companies for the new warehouse addition: E.J. O’Neal Construction for the concrete work, Darco Enterprises for the building erection, and Omni Electric for the wiring.