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Total Seed Production, Inc. Hosted Grain Bin Rescue Training for Local First Responders

Total Seed Production, Inc. Hosted Grain Bin Rescue Training for Local First Responders06/08/2015

Tipton, IN, – First responders from Tipton, Kempton, and Cutler, along with the employees of Tipton’s Total Seed Production received Co-Alliance’s bin rescue training on Wednesday, June 17th. The training took place at Total Seed Production’s plant located on the west side of Tipton County. During the training, everyone had a chance to be trapped in grain, up to waist deep, in a controlled environment and then everyone had a chance to learn the steps to save the trapped individual. Total Seed Production’s safety manager, Mike Adams coordinated the training and stepped up as grill-master for the day.

Adams said grain bin engulfment takes lives every year. “From 1964 to 2011 there were just over 900 engulfment cases reported. Of those 900, 62% were fatalities. Farm children have even a higher rate. For those farm children that were involved in a grain engulfment, 70 % were fatalities. I urge everyone to keep safety in mind when handling grain. That one time when you think ‘it will never happen to me’ could be your last time in a bin. The odds of surviving are against anyone engulfed.”

While safety and prevention are best practices, this training may make a difference in the outcome of a rescue operation. Bill Field, Professor of Ag and Biological engineering at Purdue University says “Working with flowing grain is hazardous. An unsuspecting farmer who enters a grain bin with the unloader running may be caught in the grain flow before realizing what has happened. It takes only 4 or 5 seconds for you to submerge to the point where you’re helpless. And, it takes less than 20 seconds to be completely submerged in flowing grain.” 1 Overall awareness and education are also important for grain bin safety. Aaron Conaway, Total Seed Production’s president said “The all-day training was perfect, not only for everyone at Total Seed Production but also for our local first responders. The training was very important to help keep everyone here safe, and the more people we have in the county that are trained in grain bin safety and rescue the more prepared we are as a community if an accident does occur.”

1 Field, Bill. The Dangers of Flowing Grain. Purdue U, March 1990. Web. 16 June 2015.