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Total Seed Production Welcomes First Intern

Total Seed Production Welcomes First Intern10/16/2017

Meet our new intern, Sylvia Harris! Sylvia joined us from Tipton High School through their Work Ethic Certificate program, which is supported by the Tipton County Foundation. This program encourages students to learn the necessary skills to become valuable assets to their future employers. We highly encourage other agriculture businesses to look into this program so we can build future leaders in the agricultural industry. "Working Together for Student Success" is the program's tagline and we tried to encompass that by having Sylvia work on various projects during her time with us. She was able to build upon her skills for future success by assisting with Human Resources tasks, implementing a food drive for a local pantry, and internal communications for the business. We're proud of Sylvia and her passion for the Agribusiness industry. We wish her all the best on her future endeavors!

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