ISO 9001:
2015 Certified
1375 N 800 W
Tipton, IN 46072

Company Info

1936 (Then)

Who We Are

Total Seed Production is vertically integrated from the planting of seed to distribution of the final product and every step in between. Under the daily leadership of Aaron Conaway and Ryan Campbell, the production acres and production facility continue to thrive and expand. Total Seed Production engineers and custom builds their facility to create an efficient and flexible tool for customers' requests. Customers gain an edge on their competitors with premium quality and excellent seed purity. Total Seed Production continues to use and invest in all of the latest technologies in seed production. The facility is located in north central Indiana on highly productive Tipton County soils. 

Total Seed Production, now operated by 4th generation seedsmen, has over 80 years of family owned tradition. Clurid Arthur Campbell and Charles Robert Campbell started their seed business in 1936 with contract production of 5 acres of seed under the name C.A. Campbell & Son which continued for 34 years. Charles Campbell and son, Scott Campbell, continued contract production and started the Campbell Seed retail brand in 1970. Scott Campbell took over leadership in 1974 and expanded production acres and the production facility over the next 32 years. The Campbell Seed retail brand sold in 2006 while Scott Campbell, Ryan Campbell, Aaron Conaway, and Christy Conaway continue contract production as Total Seed Production, Inc.

Yesterday to Today

Total Seed Production has proven continued commitment to their customers. The operation continues to expand because of their unique seed production structure, which allows TSP to be an unmatched leader in quality and service. TSP's key to success is centered on their vertical integration and being able to control every step of the process. This includes raising the crop on our own land, through the entire packaging and distribution process. In 2014, TSP completed the goal of doubling the plant's capacity within 5 years. This type of investment proves TSP's commitment to its customers to continue providing them with high quality seed and first class service. A few of the capacity expansions over the years have been:

: Doubled capacity of the husking and sorting facility by adding 4, 16 lane A&K husking beds

: 100,000 bushel single pass-reversing ear corn dryer, and 75,000 bushel of additional bulk corn storage capacity

: 100,000 bushel single pass-reversing ear corn dryer, and 84,000 bushel of additional bulk corn storage capacity

: Doubled capacity of the treating / packaging facility, added refuge blending equipment, and 17,000 sq. feet of additional warehouse storage

: Fully automated packaging line with robotic palletizer and 24,000 sq. feet of additional warehouse storage